Weight Weenie: Alloy Tubular Wheelset; 1311g of Easy Acceleration

Lightweight and stiff are heavily-used terms in the cycling world. It’s how frames, wheels, handlebars, etc. are described to showcase the product. You can have light, but it won’t be  stiff, and vice-versa. If you want both, it’s going to cost you.

In this case, Factory Team rider Kelsey Cohan will be riding a lightweight and inexpensive tubular wheelset. It won’t be extremely stiff compared to other wheel builds out there, but that is okay. Kelsey is a light rider with smooth riding abilities, making her a perfect candidate for this particular set.

The rims are a Velocity Escape Alloy tubular rim weighing in it 390g per hoop. Paired up with my house-branded Indigenous Wheel Co. Hubs at 210g (rear) and 85g (front), the wheelset came out at a scant 1,311 grams. At $400 retail, the weight is highly competitive with any carbon tubular on the market, at a fraction of the cost. For twice-a-week racing for 3 months out of the year, these wheels are more than capable, while still being light. Lastly, with an alloy brake track, they will provide better stopping power than carbon rims, too! With a few more weeks of training ahead and some time to break the wheelset and get loose on the course, Kelsey will be ready to make a lot of headway during the upcoming ‘cross season.


  • Indigenous Wheel Co. hubset
  • Velocity Escape 20/24h rims
  • Sapim Laser spokes
  • Sapim Alloy Secure Lock nipples
  • 1,311g
  • $400


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