Shop Rates


$70/ hour labor rate
*additional parts charge

Race Day Tune: $65
-Shifting Adjust
-Brake Adjust
-True Wheels
-Safety Check
-Clean & Polish

Pro Tune: $80
-Race Day Tune
+Rear Hub Clean & Rebuild
+Chase Creaks (May require additional labor)

De’ Luxe Tune: $150
-Pro Tune
+Best Bar Wrap*
+Drivetrain Clean
+New Shift Cables & Housing Install*
+New Brake Cables & Housing Install*

Bespoke Build: $250
-Full Bike Build
+Free Pro Tune in 30 Days

Build from Box: $65
-Full Bike Build from Box
+Free Race Day Tune in 30 Days

Wheel Build: $70/wheel | $130/pair
-Handbuilt Wheel from a Professional
+2 years of free wheel truings

Cable Set Install/Adjust: $45
-Hanger Alignment (Shift)
-Calipers Cleaned/Pads Filed (Brake)
-Brake/Shift Cable and Housing*
-Shift/Brake Adjusted
+30 Day Free Adjustment

Best Bar Wrap: $15
-New Bar Tape*

Not an Ordinary Shift Adjust: $25
-Hanger Alignment
-Shift Adjust

Slam that Stem: $45
-Steerer Tube Cut and Headset Rebuild

Di2 Shift Software Upgrade/Adjust: $30
-Software/Firmware Upgrade
-Wire Plug Install w/ Dielectric Grease
-Hanger Alignment
-Shift Adjust
-Front Derailleur Adjust

Headset Overhaul: $15-30
-New Bearings*

Hubset Overhaul: $60 ($20 Front | $40 Rear)
-New Bearings Front & Rear*
-Rear Hub Clean & Rebuild

Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $30
-New Bearings*

Spoke Replacement: $10-$20 + $5/Additional
-Spoke Replacement*

Belgian Style CX Tubular Tire Install: $65
-Wheel Trued
-Old Glue Cleaned Off
-Belgian Tape and Glue*
-New or Refurbished Tire Installed*

Road Wheel Tubular Tire Install: $40
-Wheel Trued
-Old Glue Cleaned Off
-New or Refurbished Tire Installed*

Bike Box: $70
-All materials provided

Fork Overhaul: $80
-New Wipers, Seals, & Oil*

Rear Shock Overhaul: $30
-New Seals & Oil*